Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Long Weekend

This weekend was uneventful but fun. Crackgerbal and I stayed home as it is the end of Dead Week and the start of Finals. We wanted to get some studying done--Crackgerbal did anyway, I don't have much to study for--so we stayed in. That's when the whole plan went to shit. Study? What's that? If it didn't have to do with sex, we weren't doing it. Life is good.

In other news...

Crackgerbal started taking pictures of me. I now have a picture on myspace. She picked out the nerdiest picture she took--she had a lot of choices--and posted that one for me. I got to say 'yes' afterwords. Nice of her.

On the upside, I got a few pictures of her and me together. This is when it gets a little weird...

So, we are taking pictures of us kissing and when we look at one of them, she totally looks like a twelve year old next to me. A twelve year old that I'm kissing! Creepy. Not good. Very bad. Weird.

So naturally I've decided to post it here! It will be available in some form or another in a few days at most. I would post it today but I'm at the school right now and don't have it on my thumb drive. Such is life.

(update: here is the picture)

That is all

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Crackgerbal said...

so you should totally read my blog, every once and while. i posted something about the cat sentiment. i was hopeing youd discover it on your own, however that doesnt really seem to be likely since your so disinclined to do so when im around. cause ima round you all the time now.