Friday, September 21, 2007

Rivers of Milk!

Apparently we have rivers and aquafirs of milk running beneath our feet! How else could gas be more expensive than milk!?

Let me explain. Cost of an item is usually based on its scarcity. Thus, since milk is cheaper than gas it must be more abundant.

Gas comes from oil which pools in huge underground reservoirs from which we have to extract it and then process it in mass. It is then shipped in pipes or trucks to your local gas station where it is sold in bulk.

Milk, on the other hand, must be produced in cows which have to be feed, tended, herded around, contained, bred, and finally milked. The milk is then collected into much larger batches than the cows can produce individually and processed to eliminate some of the milk fat and to kill of bad microbes. Then, after all this effort, it is packaged in little jugs, bottles and cartons. Crazy!

Just from a simple glance at the above two paragraphs we can see which one is longer and more complicated--I know, I know, very scientific measuring scheme!--so why is it that milk is less expensive than gas!?

That is all

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Online Advertisers Are DUMB!

While perusing the vast expanse of worthlessness that is my MySpace profile I was beaten in the head by just how stupid these advertisements are. I'm referring to two kinds of advertising; click able banner-game ads, and the phony profile ads. Let's take these two in reverse order.

Phony profile ads are just sad. Most of the time the profile doesn't even have a picture attached to it. The profile is taken down in a very short amount of time and who really clicks on that shit anyway! It takes you to a porn site sign up page--I'm one of the few who have clicked on it--which tells me nothing but how to pay for porn that I don't even get to peruse! WTF? At least let me sample the wares before you tell me to buy! Do you even have porn in there? Is this just a credit card scam operation? What a waste of your time. And I mean 'your time' as in the person who put up the site and the phony profile. What a joke. This is how you know that the stupid underbelly of American culture is still around.

Click able banner-game ads are just pathetic. Oh, look a game! I'll bet it's not one of those fake games like the others! I'll just play it and see! What I want to know is exactly how many people are dumb enough to do this? I don't just mean click and play one of the games--if it isn't one of the fakes--but to go on and pay for whatever the ad is trying to get you to fork over money for. Aside from the above mentioned phony profile people, I'm not sure there are a whole lot of those kinds of dumb people around. And the phony profile types aren't getting any money to speak of so... Well, a fool and his money are soon parted sot that means that only the first con-man gets paid and since he's probably a fool too it won't be around long. Fucking bunch of morons!

That is all