Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's Been Awhile And Here's Why!

My posts have become sporadic. I read a little bit of text once on how to make your blog famous (stupid article by the by) and it said that you should blog consistently and often...Damn! I'm a failure.

Just took my final Final! (Nice bit of wordsmithing, that!) Did a shitload of programming for Crackgerbal this past 5 weeks and have nary a working bit of program to show for it. Another failure. On the upside, I think I got another 4.0 this term. Stupid freshy classes. It'll get better/more interesting as the years go by.

I'm working as deepcleaner here on campus. Not a great job but it's low stress and solid hours. Very predictable. Let's me focus on the Project/Venture I spoke of several posts back. We will now begin making some progress!

Thanks for ya'lls comments on these posts. They are nothing if not enlightening (unless they happen to be sarcastic, rude, stupid, irate, irretated, or just inane! :). Makes me feel as if I had a readership!

Good luck to Papa Rick and Sheri in their upcoming baby venture! I hear if you just start having mad sex in every possible position ten or twelve times per day, the baby just gets tired of all the jostling and comes out on the spot! Give it a try, if Papa Rick is man enough!

I'm starting to build a bit of machinery. Take a look at the RepRap project. They are doing some pretty cool shit. I've ordered a couple of the electronic components and will begin building when they arrive. Soon--hopefully before summer ends--I will have my very own REPlicating RAPide prototyper. 3D plastic printing! It's awsome. I'll keep ya'll posted.

Crackgerbal got her Order of Engineer's ring! I'm so proud of her. She wears a size 3 ring on her pinky!!! Holy Fuck! I didn't even know they made that size! Little girls have bigger pinkys than she does. Anyway, we got all fancied up:

I know, I'm a nerd. I didn't clean up the picture at all so just bear with me. It's hard to get Crackgerbal to stand still for any picture so this is the best we could do. Only got one shot. She's so pretty...I'm a softie.

Got a 1983 Chevy Blazer from Crackgerbal's dad! For FREE!!! Can't beat that shit. Runs well and doesn't require any immediate maintenence so I'm happy as shit. It means I'll be able to go visit Crackgerbal this summer while she is away at her internship! Thanks to Crackgerbal's dad!

That is all