Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Feeding the World and the Flying Spaghetti Monster

During the course of this previous evening, I had the extraordinary thought that Crackgerbal (formerly known as the GF...since she complained that GF could easily equal "insert dumb blond here" and demanded that I use her online handle) and I could quite possibly feed the world, cure cancer, find a cure for AIDS, stop all crime, fix the hole in the ozone, stop Bush from sending our young to die in Iraq, fix the economy, and make us personally rich if we were to have sex immediately! Of course, she immediately questioned this oh-so-obvious theory. When pressed to defend my position, I had to resort--as many before me have--to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

As you all know, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a construction to show the absurdity of modern religion most famously used by Richard Dawkins. I happen to be in direct communication with the FSM and he revealed to me--an epiphany!--that immediate sex would have the affore mentioned results. Due to the the fact that I have a right to my religious beliefs, this should be a defensible position.

The FSM has obviously never met Crackgerbal.

I was verbally castrated--no pun intended...honestly!--for this "idiotic" theory. I pointed out that we could falsify this theory very easily! A simple bout of "immediate sex" would serve to dispel any disbelief in the FSM and my direct line with the big slimy guy.

It was not to be.

No, despite the fact that she is pursuing a technical degree, she refused my challenge to apply the scientific method directly in our bed. It was a shame and a loss--mostly for me. Nevertheless, the FSM still maintains that immediate sex will have wondrous results...immediately!

This theory--or divine inspiration if you are so inclined--has yet to be proven. I await further confirmation...I could end up waiting a while if I keep up this argument... :-(

That is all

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Computer dies and I work

Today I'm trying to upgrade my Fedora Core 4 installation to Fedora Core 6. I tried to do this some few weeks ago but managed to fuck it up so that it wouldn't work as a live update. This time I mooched off my girlfriend to burn a set of FC6 installation CDs so I could get things going.

As soon as I stuck them in and started, however, I was shown just how far my fucked up attempts at a yum update went in screwing myself. The system installer--Anaconda--told me it would upgrade from FC5 which was installed on my system! Oops! Just after this erroneous message, the install process hung. No amount of cajoling would get it to go any further.

I am writing this post from a Ubuntu 6.06.1 (the Daper Drake) LiveCD! How's that for off-the-cuff and seat-of-your-pants!? No sweat as this nerd has things--if not figured out, then at least--under (some sort) of control. Maybe...

In other news...

I'm now working overtime! Hurray for slacker co-workers! Bitches. Anyway, I suppose I could use the OT for the money. Starving student and all that. Still, I would rather be hanging out with my GF...that's another story though.

Did anyone see the fat-kid custody story out of England? What a laugh. Mother refused to stop feeding him junk food. Said he wouldn't eat fruits and vegetables and such. The kid is eight and weighs just under 200 lbs! At least it isn't just America that is going fucking nuts. Other countries are also sliding into the proverbial pit!

I think I like this blogging shit. I like to rant and it is fun to have the occasional forum for that sort of stuff.

On should check out Sean Bedlam on YouTube. That guy takes the words right out of my head! He's the man. Respect and support for Sean Bedlam!!!

That is all

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I'm an atheist.
I'm a Mechanical Engineering student.
I've had a hard life.
I'm a real softy.
I detest christian and other fundamentalist religions.
I commonly refer to christians and other religious types as Fundies.
I spout home-grown philosophy in (possibly) badly spelled rants.
I'm tech oriented.
I'm pro-frankenfood.
I'm anti-bush.
I'm a nerd.
I will have an opinion on everything.
Most people call me arrogent.

That is all