Friday, May 25, 2007

Do Fish Fart?

The short answer is, YES!

Here's the story. Crackgerbal and I were sitting on the couch the other day (nice, ambiguous phrase, that) watching the fish. One of our fish--a simple gold fish, emphasis on the "simple" part--occasionally gets a bloated belly and has trouble not floating to the surface of the tank.

At first, we were worried he was going to die. We just started the tank about a month and a half ago and have had various goldfish dying the whole time. We thought the same toilet-type fate awaited this one. Not to be.

No, this fish likes to swallow air. He has been seen on occasion rising to the top and sucking down a bubble or two. Funny but we didn't think anything of it. Not until it popped out his ass!

There we were--just picture it--watching the fish going about their fishy daily lives when--blub!--out comes a bubble form this wayward fish's ass! Craziest thing ever. Wish we had gotten it on video. Another day in the life.

That is all

Friday, May 18, 2007

Bike Problems

This last Saturday--Yes, I know it was a bit ago!--I had a few bike problems. It went something like this...

My plan was to take a bit of the fish tank water down to the fish store to have it tested to see if we can begin stocking our little tank with some pretty fish rather than just goldfish--the cockroach of the fish world! I would then hit the hardware store as I'm making chainmail again. Sounds simple and straight forward since my house is only about a mile away from both places. Savvy.

I make it to the fish shop on my bike with a little Tupperware container of fish water. It turns out to be nitrate heavy and thus about a week away from being stable. I leave the fish store and head for the Bell hardware. They only end up having a few of the parts I need so I figure I will ride out the Heaten Steel and see if they have what I need.

This is about another mile away so it takes a bit to get there. No luck, they are closed. Okay, I know I can go out to Pacific Air/Gas (incidentally I now know they are closed on the weekend) which is something like 3 to 5 miles away from my current location. Not a huge ride but a bit of a jaunt.

I start out and get about a mile and a half when I spot Grover electric and decide to see if they have what I need (wire of a smaller gauge). They don't and when I come back out to my bike, my tire is flat!

Now, this is the second time in a week. I had just replaced the tube the day before! WTF!!!? I call up Crackgerbal and ask her to come get me and take me to Hutch's bike shop which is about a mile from our house. She isn't happy--doing homework--but comes and gets me.

She drops me off at Hutch's and they tell me they can fix it in 5 minutes. I tell Crackgerbal to head home cause I'll just continue riding when they fix it. Five minutes later I'm back on the road heading out to Pacific Air/Gas again. About a half mile past where I got the first flat, I get another!! SON OF A BITCH!!!

I am near a home improvement place so I stop in and find the wire I need (at least a bit of what I need). I don't want to call Crackgerbal again so I begin pushing my bike the two or so miles back to Hutch's bike shop. When I get there--hot and grumpy and tired--they guy finds out that the tube was defective and fixes it at no extra charge. Small favors! Feh.

In the end I never made it out to Pacific Air/Gas. I got a small amount of *some* of the things I needed and that was all. A pain in the butt!

That is all

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Don't Own My Arm or Shoulder Anymore

Apparently, upon agreeing to be in any sort of male-female relationship (this may be the same for male-male and female-female) I lost possession of my arms and shoulders. Yes, they no longer belong to me but are at the sole disposal and convenience of Crackgerbal. It does not matter that I am uncomfortable, hot, cramped or just itching to move. Crackgerbal owns my arms and shoulders.

This, you would think, wouldn't be a real problem. You would be wrong. Many men and women about the planet--I'm sure in the billions!--are afflicted with this sort of limb-enslavement. They are not the sole owners of their limbs and must whore them out on command to an--admittedly--grateful and attractive person. This appreciation and attractiveness notwithstanding, limb-slavery is a horrible and heinous institution causing many a numb limb and sleepless night.

You may notice that this was posted in the wee hours of the morning my time (pacific standard). This is directly due to the enslavement of my limbs (small print: and a headache). Please, send help quickly! Donate now and stop this vile abuse of arms and shoulders across the globe! For only $19.95 per month you will get a personalized photo of the arm or shoulder you are helping and yearly updates on their progress. $19.95, that's only the price of a mid-range hooker in downtown LA. Don't hesitate, call today!

That is all

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's Been A Bit But Here's The Beef!

I've been remiss in my posts! It is completely my fault. I got distracted with life and failed to think of the needs of my viewers.

Things have been occurring though nothing, really, of interest. A few notes...

Do a search for "Virtual Rape". You will be amazed at the results. My take: talk to people who have "actually" been raped then shut the fuck up.

I'm involved in the HPVC team here at school. We have a lame school--funding-wise--and really no chance in the Speed Bike division. That is why--among other reasons--we are doing a Utility class bike! Play to your strengths! Even if they are only strengths in relation to all your weaknesses.

Gearing down for Summer. In store for me...lots of manual labor. I am working at the college for the janitorial staff. Life sucks ass sometimes.

In other news...

I send my most heartfelt concern to Papa Rick. I hope you and Sheri are doing alright. Hang in there. Things have been hard before, they always swing around.

That is all

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Computer Network

I recently went to Wal-Mart (Oh, fine establishment of underpaid employees and third-world child labor! I could not live without thee) and bought three NICs (Network Cards) and a 5-port Linksys hub. I now have a small--though robust--home network! Ah, the joys of personal computing.

Setup was a breeze. Linux likes networks so you just plug shit in and it loads it no problem. Windows, not so much. A bit of tinkering and everything is talking nicely. A bit more tinkering--and the use of QTParted in Knoppix--and we have a shared network drive and printer sharing set up. I am--once again--in nerd heaven!

Of course, all this bliss and computational joy came at a steep price. Namely around $80. This doesn't sound like much to the average joe but to me it is quite a piece of change. Before paying I took a deep breath, assured myself that all this lost cash was surely worth it, and paid the nice lady.

On paying...Has anyone else noticed that Wal-Mart hires some really fuggly people?! The door greeters are generally heinous to look upon and infirm to boot! It makes me want to find an alternate entrance to the store so I wont be forced into contact with possible leapers and freaks. Then again, perhaps I'm being to reactionary...maybe. In any case, they are truly fuggly!

That is all