Monday, April 2, 2007

A Failed Camping Trip

We tried to go camping as I noted in my last entry but things didn't work out. It turns out that I'm really allergic to something that lives "outside." Being what it is--the outdoors--we are unsure of what particular thing or things this allergic reaction is due to. What we are sure of is that in a matter of a few hours of sleep I turned into the walking dead. My eyeballs swelled up and started pussing and my nasal passages completely shut down. Not fun.

Crackgerbal was less than pleased but very understanding. This didn't help me much as now I feel like a walking, dripping, gaping pussy. Very unmanly. I now feel a tremendous amount of sympathy and empathy for those others on the planet afflicted with allergies. I've never had these before and I now know they suck royal ass.

In other news...

Its a new term and I have classes I like! Statistics, Differential Calculus, Welding, and MATLAB. All good and fairly interesting. My least favorite is Statistics but it is still useful and mostly interesting. MATLAB is programming so I'm happy as a fly on shit about that! The final term of this school year is shaping up nicely.

Crackgerbal is enrolled in five classes all of which I think she likes. Things are going well with us. She is almost completely moved in and my apartment is now full to the gills with "stuff" of various sorts not least of which is her collection of school books. I like it. Once I get my books sent down from where I had them stored we will have a veritable library of nerdly learning material. Life is good, my friends. Life is good.

That is all


Crackgerbal said...

Yeha ive pretty much concluded that you arent allowed to travel anymore because your allergic to apparently everything about the outdoors.
you think i like my classes. actually i do like them this term. But you still have to teach me MATLAB. cause thats the class im not sure on completely.

your house totally looks like a human lives in it now. before it was all stark and white and scary hygenically clean.

Demented Chihuahua said...

Smart ass. "Scary hygenically clean"? Now it looks like a small bomb exploded there!