Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A traveling venture resulting in monetary domestic bliss?

Crackgerbal and I will be heading to California for the Toastmasters International Area Speech Contest--whew, that's a lot of capitals--on the 14th. Another trip though we wont be taking the Montero this time, we will be carpooling. I'm not competing in this years contest so I wont be posting in here on how I got my ass handed to me by an old lady and her knitting story. Darn.

My refund was quite substantial this term! I'm (not even close to being) rich! Life is good. My rent for the next 6 months is paid for. It's good to be a student with a future ahead of me. Actually, if I keep this stuff up, I will have about a year of rent paid up in no time. I want to get all my bills taken care of first. Then I can buy the expensive toys that Crackgerbal would shit a brick about if I just came home with them!

On the home front, things are going well. We've settled down into a semblance of domesticity. Weird. And comfortable. It's cool.

We over slept this morning. Apparently I woke up, turned the alarm off, and then both of us went back to sleep! We woke up an hour later and we were late! Great way to start off the day. Also, it's snowing so the day is going all up-hill! Such is life.

I may not have mentioned it in this blog yet but a friend of mine--we'll call him The Cripple--and I are starting a business together. I won't say the name here--we'll call it The Venture--but I will report on any successes we are having. First success; The Cripple brought in our first Angel Investor! We will have some funding in about a month to three months! At that point we can buy some much needed equipment and start showing results in earnest. I'm very excited.

That is all


Crackgerbal said...

and the funny part is that even though we over slept, lisa didnt even notice that we were later than normal. sucks to be her, cause if one of us is late so is the other, she loses 2 workers at the same time. so who the hell are we carpooling with? cause thats some import information. you have MATLAB tonight, i am jealous!

Papa Rick said...

so you're speaking now too? how scary can that be? for the rest of the world i mean...not for you lol
and what's this Venture of which you speak? is it something from your past? maybe something i might know the name of? lol just wondering...

Demented Chihuahua said...

Don't be a smart ass! People barely like 'Papa Rick' as it is, you don't need to give us reasons to dislike your ass.

I love you bro.