Sunday, April 22, 2007

Love Juggling Fish!

My clubs came in today! Hooray for the post office working on Sundays! The world marches on out of the heinous stone-age when we all believed that Sunday (or Saturday for others) was a "Holy" day too sacred to do work on. Ahhhh! Progress!

Took them to school tonight and juggled around with them with a few people. Very awesome. My hands and wrists are beat to shit! I'm happy as a bat in a cave on Easter Sunday!

In other news...

Crackgerbal and I bought a fish tank and some fish! We have like nine goldfish to start our tank so that it has a good stock of fish slime so we an get some interesting tropical type fishes! We were so excited bring the stupid thing home. Couldn't wait to get it set up and at the right temperature so we could go back and get the starter goldfish! Hooray for stupid fish!

That is all


Crackgerbal said...

the stupid fish rock!

Demented Chihuahua said...

Yes, indeed they do...if they continue to live!