Monday, April 9, 2007

Driving!!! Meet the family...aargghhh!!!

Due to unfortunate and costly mistakes earlier in my life, I have never gotten around to getting my driver's licence. This is unfortunate. Unfortunate but fixable. Crackgerbal is teaching me how to drive!!!

This is notable for several reasons.

1. I'm not what you would call "focused."
2. Crackgerbal is just that.
3. Other drivers are blissfully unaware that they have a maniac teaching a maniac how to drive.

All of this combines to create a glaring hazard to the health and well being of other drivers, dogs, cats, smaller vehicles, the sanity of the aged, and our own welfare. Needless to say, I'm having a great time!

In other news...

Crackgerbal meets the family! ...sort of.

My aunt invited Crackgerbal and I over for Easter to have a little BBQ with her, her husband, my cousin--her son--my uncle--now you see why I called my aunt's husband "her husband"--and grandma. I'm a social guy so this was a fun outing for me. Not so for Crackgerbal. The reason for the invite was perfectly clear to her--they wanted a first look at this infamous beasty--and she was appropriately dismayed and stressed out.

Matters became more severe when the camera came out for the obligatory pictures of the happy couple. Sadly, Crackgerbal doesn't like pictures and was feeling less than accommodating at this point. Not to be deterred, the family plowed straight on through a few pictures of the decidedly unhappy looking couple until it was announced that we would have to be going.

I don't think I like the whole "meet the family" meal thing. It's awkward and strange. Perhaps we could just send out blood samples, grade sheets, IQ tests and personality profiles to all interested parties instead. Much less invasive that way.

All in all, not a truly horrible day but not particularly great either. Such is life.

That is all

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