Monday, April 16, 2007

Readers and Traveling

Ah, the joy's of extended readership! I think I now have 2 people reading who aren't living with me. That's actually not true. My mom reads occasionally but can't (thank all deities!) leave comments. Rue the day when she learns how to click a hot-link....

Crackgerbal and I went a traveling this weekend. We went down to Alturis California for the Toastmasters Area Speech contest. Long car ride with people much older than ourselves. The decided to relegate us to the far back seat in the van because we were much younger and smaller than the party average. Needless to say we immediately bunched up and played kissy face while no one was watching (I think...).

Upon arrival we had Thai food (very good!) and then went to the contest. Your truly royally smashed in the evaluation contest but had a good time none the less. Crackgerbal was put in charge of the timing device and spent her time refusing to put on he name-tag and trying to teach the old lady next to her how to run a stop watch. No success.

Upon arriving back home we were invited to dinner with The Child Herder and her husband Big and Lazy. After dinner we watched a movie that was entirely too fucked up and immediately left for home.

Ah! Bed time and least, that is always the plan...

That is all

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Crackgerbal said...

child herder, when you put it that way i picture her running around with the kitchen paddle yelling "ill kick your ass little boy!"
and big true