Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's Been A Bit But Here's The Beef!

I've been remiss in my posts! It is completely my fault. I got distracted with life and failed to think of the needs of my viewers.

Things have been occurring though nothing, really, of interest. A few notes...

Do a search for "Virtual Rape". You will be amazed at the results. My take: talk to people who have "actually" been raped then shut the fuck up.

I'm involved in the HPVC team here at school. We have a lame school--funding-wise--and really no chance in the Speed Bike division. That is why--among other reasons--we are doing a Utility class bike! Play to your strengths! Even if they are only strengths in relation to all your weaknesses.

Gearing down for Summer. In store for me...lots of manual labor. I am working at the college for the janitorial staff. Life sucks ass sometimes.

In other news...

I send my most heartfelt concern to Papa Rick. I hope you and Sheri are doing alright. Hang in there. Things have been hard before, they always swing around.

That is all

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Eli said...

Hey thanks for keeping all of your readers informed. I assumed you were away juggling and I was patiently awating your next possible posting. Hmmm... Being a janitor for the summer? Sounds quite easy to me depending on how you perceive it. I'm sure in your mind it could be worse than being locked up in the slammer but what do I know? I'm sure you would much rather spend your summer with Crackgerbal. (just a wild guess!) :)