Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Computer Network

I recently went to Wal-Mart (Oh, fine establishment of underpaid employees and third-world child labor! I could not live without thee) and bought three NICs (Network Cards) and a 5-port Linksys hub. I now have a small--though robust--home network! Ah, the joys of personal computing.

Setup was a breeze. Linux likes networks so you just plug shit in and it loads it no problem. Windows, not so much. A bit of tinkering and everything is talking nicely. A bit more tinkering--and the use of QTParted in Knoppix--and we have a shared network drive and printer sharing set up. I am--once again--in nerd heaven!

Of course, all this bliss and computational joy came at a steep price. Namely around $80. This doesn't sound like much to the average joe but to me it is quite a piece of change. Before paying I took a deep breath, assured myself that all this lost cash was surely worth it, and paid the nice lady.

On paying...Has anyone else noticed that Wal-Mart hires some really fuggly people?! The door greeters are generally heinous to look upon and infirm to boot! It makes me want to find an alternate entrance to the store so I wont be forced into contact with possible leapers and freaks. Then again, perhaps I'm being to reactionary...maybe. In any case, they are truly fuggly!

That is all


Crackgerbal said...

its not that they are fuggly, but more than likely they have reached their expiration date (retirement age or older). maybe they used to be nice looking.

Eli said...

I agree with you both. And yes. A network costing you $80 is really steep. I can imagine much of that $ went to the new hub. But I'm sure it is all well worth it! Don't you agree Crackgerbal?

Demented Chihuahua said...

You both are too kind. "Expiration Date" is far to nice for the scab encrusted, lice infested, weezing piles of walking human waste that Wal-Mart puts at the doors.

$80 is too steep because the damn computers should have each come with their own NICs. Stupid old computers!

Eli said...

Hey you get what you can take with these old computers am I right? I mean they must of had some value to you?
Hey it's the price you have to pay going into Wally's. You get cheap stuff but you have to find a way past all the aging employees.