Saturday, July 7, 2007

Polyphasic Sleep (Day 5)

I went to sleep!

Not accidentally, I got all cross-eyed and had to sleep. I am a little concerned about the effects it was having on me. I had control of all my major muscles but the minor ones started to revolt and doe funny things. I couldn't see straight--eyes kept crossing--I was stumbling and veering--fine motor coordination was lost, etc.

I will do the following: I will sleep on a monophasic schedule till Tuesday night at which point I will begin the polyphasic schedule again. This will allow me to recoup and go for it again. The only change will be that I will have two other people with me on this one all trying to do the same thing. This should help with the really bad times. They have also come up against this wall though on various days--two and three--and so we can all help each other through it to the end.

Starting on Tuesday night allows us to get the really shitty days done during the weekend when we don't need to be functional. Hurray for planning ahead.

That is all

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