Thursday, July 5, 2007

Polyphasic Sleep (Day 3)

Hump day! And boy was it a hump. The early morning was a bitch. I found myself having to do physical labor so that I wouldn't fall asleep sitting at my computer. The 2 am to 6 am shift is the toughest. I finally felt true fatigue and exhaustion. Very tough to work past.

I'm feeling it again right now and am trying to tough it out. This is the main reason why people fail. They don't have the willpower to push past this stage. They get pretty depressed at how hard this is and they eventually stop trying. No shame, it is very hard. You just want to pass out and let unconsciousness take you away to bliss!

Below is an image of me right now at 3:45 am on Thursday, July 5th, 2007. I'm pretty tired but still hanging in there!

The image is low quality because I used my web cam. Sorry all.

Here is what I have been doing tonight:

It's a 1-3/4 " X 13" piece of chainmail. It's made out of 18 gauge aluminum wire and will be a skirt and halter-top for Crackgeral. Very sexy! I've been doing other stuff too but this is a huge time sink.

No real insights into the process. Just working through the tired when it hits and enjoying the times when I am not so tired. I also have really been looking forward to each nap. They are a real treat once a bought of exhaustion hits.

Crackgerbal brought up something tonight while I talked to her on the phone. I'm dense and hadn't really considered all the ramifications of this little experiment, luckily she set me straight. Turns out that if I stay on this, we will get no real sleep time together. One of the things we enjoy doing a lot is sleeping together. All night cuddling is very healthy for the relationship and is extremely emotionally satisfying for both of us. With a polyphasic sleep schedule, we wouldn't be able to do that because I would only be laying down for a nap while she would be laying down for an 8 hour block. Not satisfying.

Due to this--and other less problems with scheduling--I will not be continuing the polyphasic sleep schedule after this summer. I'm going to continue it until the end--assuming I don't wimp out first!--but I will not be going any further. Just to let you know up front. I value my relationship much more.

That is all


Anonymous said...

awe your the most awesome boyfriend ever!

the chain mail is coming along very nicely babe, i cant wait till you get it done. you look like shit in that picture by the way, like your about ready to drop your head onto the key board and pass out. Im glad you got our camping pics posted. :)

Nadya said...

Hi My name is Nadya I am a friend of Eric Wilcoxson, well actually I am his girlfriends sister. One day Eric showed me your blog and I enjoyed you calling your gf crackgerbal so I've been checking in on your blog a bit (: Anyway wanted to ask why the crackgerbal? I'm sure it's an inside joke or some cool story. And Polypasic Sleep really? Boys that's all I got to say to that (: Anyway hope you don't find my comment too weird.

Demented Chihuahua said...

nah, that is what I keep the blog for really, comments. Crackgerbal because that is how she is sometimes: high strung and quick. :-D Meant in a good way.

Polyphasic Sleep...we are trying. It isn't looking good at this point. We'll see. I don't give up easy, I'll have to run into a couple walls or something before I quite...not too far of at this state. If my comment is too weird, we are headed toward a wall-crash! (Possibly jk...:-)

Enjoy the blog!